Ex-Wife making false allegations

Throwaway account: Basically, I got my high school girlfriend pregnant, joined the Military, married her, went overseas, we didn’t workout, we got divorced, haven’t been cordial since. We got into a big argument recently and she told me that I slapped her during one of her OB appointments in a doctors office while she was pregnant. This was the first time I ever heard of this allegation and it was supposedly 7 years ago. I have no idea why she said that but that’s a very strong allegation. Recently, she’s been posting on her Instagram stories with cryptic messages like “you won’t get away with this forever, end violence against women.”

My question is, if she ever decided to go public about this, how far could it even go? It never happened so there’s absolutely zero evidence and the claim is from 7 years ago. I’m just trying to be prepared considering she’s volatile. Would I be able to sue her?


‘The fact that we’re considering making misandry a hate crime should concern everyone who believes in equality’

I find this highly, highly concerning. It’s basically saying, only white on black racism should be condemned or is bad, black on white is fine. It’s still f**king racism, doesn’t matter which has been more prevalent, or hierarchical systems. It’s like saying it’s okay for a 10 year old to beat a grown man up with his hands tied behind his back cos she’s physically weaker. The writer basically argues making misandry a hate crime will allow men to recast genuine attempts at progress as hate . The double standards here are imo appaling, but to act like it’s a concern. Not really surprising, though.

Sexism is sexism, hate is hate. Doesn’t matter who is doing it. It’s about the principle not the power structure.


Women on r/PurplePillDebate smh

Got into it with some of them over there. I told them about the woman who was half my age that I ‘dated’ for 8 years after I was divorced and they said she was just a sugar baby. Yes, I have used that term before and yes I was paying for sex. But nothing else. When she went golfing with me or dinner, or road trips or something I didn’t pay her. We had common interests and we were friends who did all kinds of things together. I didn’t pay her for hanging out with me. The only thing I paid her for…and it wasn’t very much…was sex. She wasn’t a professional sugar baby or hooker. She was just a girl next door type looking to have fun and make some extra cash. She always had a full time job when I was seeing her too.

So the women over there started ganging up on me saying it wasn’t ‘dating’ or a ‘relationship’. And I said you guys don’t own the words ‘dating’ or ‘relationship’. There are people dating right now that don’t ‘love’ each other so you can’t say that love is a requirement. So you can’t judge my relationship with that woman.

No one responded after I said that. Crickets.

To make matters worse, they were downvoting me and that sub specifically says that no one is supposed to downvote anyone. I reported it to a mod and the mod said there’s no way for them to know WHO downvoted me. So it’s a useless rule.


indifference can hurt

When Man become indifferent

Yeah I know what I wanted to say here and now will probably upset a lot of people but listen or read it first.

I think certain things need to be said.

I have actually rejected women from my life entirely but among them are not my mother or sister because I protect them with my life but the rest can live or die I will hardly care anymore.

The reason is I noticed that too many women are feminists and TERFS. They hate men so much that it’s an incredible problem for them just for a man to breathe or been just born in to this cruel world.

I just say Male Gaze, Male breathing and mansplaining.
So many words who are describing man with a man’s name underneath and all because they hate us so much and that alone has led to a man like me who is doing martial arts and even being a féminist originally who wanted to protect them to completely losing confidence in women and not even seeing them as like-minded people.

Yes, I have completely abandoned the female gender in my life except my love ones.

Considered all this just because many smoked too much nonsense in an echo chamber like oppression of women or problems with women but problems what the boys have are fully ignored.

Well I’m done with the female gender and have lost sexual interest in them too. In the meantime I have developed disgust for the woman and at the same time I have become very indifferent to society but I wanted to help man and I will with privat shelters for man only.

So they can live or die. I do not care. One less supporter for woman here.

Equality was a lie all along and is only there to suit woman but not anymore at least not for me.


The crime of ‘Femicide’ has passed through parliament. It is now a more serious crime to kill a woman than to kill a man.

Our present Socialist government is excellent at passing ‘liberal and progressive’ laws that make it popular. Even if they make no sense and will harm society.

At first the law said that this crime only applied if the perpetrator was a man but the opposition protested against this so that now it also applies if the perpetrator is a woman.

Because of this law – lawyers cannot now argue that the crime was one of passion. This is a legal argument that has been used in the past as it distinguishes between a murder that has been planned beforehand and a murder that is committed in a fit of rage or when the perpetrator is in a state of mental agitation. So if a man is killed it can be argued that it was a crime of passion, but not so if the victim was a woman.

Moreover femicide has become an aggravating factor in cases of murder. This means that if the victim is a woman the crime is seen as more serious and therefore the punishment has to be harsher. Men do not matter.

Edir: I thought that including a link to the Malta Independent would tell readers that I was writing about Malta and not the USA. In Malta like most of Europe we have 2 main parties – both are centre left, one more so than the other. For the sake of convenience I called it Socialist but please keep in mind that European socialists are probably not the same type of people as pictured by people in the USA when they say ‘socialist’.


Was falsely accused today

Im Ok got out of it ok calmed down now but here’s what happened was at this beach lake today sitting on a bench reading my book group a girls sits down on the one a few feet from mine ignored them but as I was laying on the sand trying to relax I noticed they kept staring and laughing.

I stood up and I can hear them say look at him look at him continued to ignore but it just kept getting worse and they wouldn’t stop they weren’t speaking directly to me but I could feel them continue to stare and hear them say he’s this and that and more laughing I refused to have my special day ruined by some bitches so I left.

On the way back to my car a park ranger and a state trooper confront me telling me the girls complained that I was creeping them out WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!???

I’ve never been so humiliated and embarrassed before GODDAMIT!!

I answered the only necessary questions who am I what am I doing here then shut up I was still told to leave or be arrested didn’t care wanted outta there anyway I was basically kicked out of the lake just for being alone and a man.


We do not live in a patriarchy , the West is a gynocentric society

Definition of gynocentrism

**1. **

■ . n. Dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Often practiced to the detriment of non-females.
■ . n. A dominant focus on women’s needs and wants relative to men’s needs and wants. This can happen in the context of academic research, institutional policies, cultural conventions, and in gendered relationships.

■ Gynocentric . Anything can be considered *gynocentric* when it is concerned exclusively with a female point of view.

**2. **

■ . geared to prioritizing women and their interests.
■ . A reference to *individual* gynocentric acts or events .

**3. **

■ . The biological theory that humans .

**4. **

■ . An exclusive focus on the , emotions or behavior of women.


What do you all think of this women on a University Anonymous Facebook Forum

So at my University there is a forum in which people can post anonymously called “hate letters”, usually there are anti men posts but not as detailed as this:

“Sometimes it really hurts to be a woman.
I am above-average attractiveness. I get a lot of attention from guys which I know is due to my looks. I’m living in a share-house, with a spare room which the landlord is leasing out. So I live with this guy, who I hate. I hate his guts because whenever he talks to me he constantly brings up sex and comments on my appearance. I have no interest and told him, please stop with the comments but he still makes them. Anyway, a new girl is moving into our house. When he saw her I could tell he was interested in her, since she is beautiful. It made me feel sad that this man, who I hate, was interested in a new girl. I guess the attention made me feel disgusted, but I was also reminded of all the times men have been interested in me, only to see someone new and better-looking. Even though attention from men when is it unwarranted is really scary and also disgusts me, at the same time I hate feeling like a second choice. Less new, less desirable, less wanted. Like I don’t really have a purpose anymore. I used to dislike and bring down other women when I was younger when I saw someone more attractive than myself and this also makes me feel guilty. Now I know that it is a mindset of certain men and I was seeing women through these men’s eyes. And I genuinely want to be friends with this girl who has moved into my house, because she is a great person and we have many similar interests. But I just can’t help feeling lost and hurt around people I deem better looking than myself. I think I have attached the memories of feeling used, replaceable and disposable to good-looking women I see in my life. It’s also really difficult when all you know is to be so obsessed with looks, to see myself as anything else to other people. I just feel so guilty, ugly and lost.
I hope men who look at women as objects can read this and think about their actions. It can be genuinely painful to be female.”

What does all think of this? I want to clarify that this person posted anonymously, so keep that in mind.


‘Pussy Power’ is merely the Male Sex Drive

In the absence of the male sex drive, women are rendered powerless. They’d have to do everything for themselves. Yet, the modern world, in its wisdom, has introduced a whole slew of sanctions against men who attempt to initiate a normal relationship. There’s a culture where sexual harassment claims and false rape allegations are supported, with little redress where such assertions are unfounded. It’s the feminist dream of raising the price of sex by making it difficult and dangerous, maintaining men in *’production mode’,* and keeping *’the prize’* elusive. Even if young men can negotiate the pitfalls successfully, they’ll find that the prize is simply helping women achieve what they really want – children and financial security. On becoming a father, men can no longer protect their own assets. In fact, a false domestic violence accusation could see them banned from their own home.

Probably the only way to re-set the game would be to maintain women at arm’s length for a couple of decades. Yes, this is easier for an old man to say than for a young man to do. But, no wonder the ladies were desperate to enforce a ban on MGTOW philosophy wherever possible. Who are the losers when men adopt such a lifestyle..?


The Bill Cosby conviction of today does bring some interesting aspects to light

Today Bill Cosby was convicted of rape for a case in 1975 against a 16yo female. I will not focus on the level of scrutiny to achieve this conviction or the conduct of the 16yo, let’s assume for the shake of discussion, that the whole thing did happen exactly as proven in the court of law.
The damages are in the level of 500k. Does a rape cost that much? If a poor guy rapes, should he give so much money back in retribution? Were Bill Cosby not as successful, would he be paying that? Had she successfully sued him at an earlier stage of his career, when B.Cosby did not have as much money, would she had been attributed less money?