Difference between r/MensLib and r/MensRights

I thought I’d talk about that sub because a lot of feminists like to recommend it for some reason.

r/MensLib claims that it is a space to talk about male issues through a feminist lense, but it seems like most of the posts are just talking about the issues faced by lgbt/minorities/poc. Which is great and all but then what’s the point of calling it r/menslib? Isn’t it just r/feminism 2.0? Idk I guess that’s my main gripe, they say it’s about discussing male issues but it all seems to comes back to how bad women/gay people/trans people have it in society and that cis men are privileged. Doesn’t really seem pro-male but ok.

It seems the main difference though is r/MensLib blames patriarchy and men for all their problems, and r/MensRights blames feminism and women for all their problems. Basically two sides of the same coin. Both subreddits have very black and white thinking. r/MensLib will deny that women/feminists have any part in upholding sexist gender roles or causing any male issues, while r/MensRights will deny that men have any part in causing THEIR issues. So both are very blinded by bias, and refuse to concede on anything even when the other side has a point.

Personally I’m a mixture of both, I think some men’s issues are caused by men, but there are definitely male problems that are caused/upheld by women/feminists. It’s not black or white. You’re free to disagree though that’s just my opinion.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.