indifference can hurt

When Man become indifferent

Yeah I know what I wanted to say here and now will probably upset a lot of people but listen or read it first.

I think certain things need to be said.

I have actually rejected women from my life entirely but among them are not my mother or sister because I protect them with my life but the rest can live or die I will hardly care anymore.

The reason is I noticed that too many women are feminists and TERFS. They hate men so much that it’s an incredible problem for them just for a man to breathe or been just born in to this cruel world.

I just say Male Gaze, Male breathing and mansplaining.
So many words who are describing man with a man’s name underneath and all because they hate us so much and that alone has led to a man like me who is doing martial arts and even being a fĂ©minist originally who wanted to protect them to completely losing confidence in women and not even seeing them as like-minded people.

Yes, I have completely abandoned the female gender in my life except my love ones.

Considered all this just because many smoked too much nonsense in an echo chamber like oppression of women or problems with women but problems what the boys have are fully ignored.

Well I’m done with the female gender and have lost sexual interest in them too. In the meantime I have developed disgust for the woman and at the same time I have become very indifferent to society but I wanted to help man and I will with privat shelters for man only.

So they can live or die. I do not care. One less supporter for woman here.

Equality was a lie all along and is only there to suit woman but not anymore at least not for me.