Just because I’m not a feminist doesn’t mean I don’t support equal rights for both genders

For the last time feminists, you guys don’t have a monopoly on equality. You guys believe in things such as male privilege, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, rape culture, pay gaps, and a bunch of other bullshit that comes pre-packaged with your stupid movement. You don’t have to believe in these things to support equality. Also, speaking of equality, you guys say you support it, but 99% of feminists I’ve talked to don’t ACTUALLY support equality, because if you did you would be more vocal about things like how the draft is sexist or male circumcision. The only time you guys bring up male issues are to compare them to women’s issues or to say that it’s men’s fault they exist in the first place.

Another thing, just because the word feminism technically means believing in equality of the sexes and nothing else, that’s not how the word is used today, making the definition outdated and obsolete. So please stop bringing up the dictionary definition as if it proves your point. Definitions should represent how the word is used by the general population. There’s no use in attaching yourself to a label because “well technically it actually means this” when 99% of the people who use it don’t believe what you believe. It’s nonsensical and you’re just causing yourself unnecessary stress. And by advocating that MRAs adopt your label, you are basically saying you want more MRAs in your movement. And considering how much you guys hate us, that doesn’t really make much sense.