Lifetime alimony reform and default 50/50 equal shared parenting is finally on DeSantis desk, time to call in and lobby for this law and let your voice be heard.

Bills SB1796, lifetime alimony reform and HB1395, default 50/50 custody was sent to Gov DeSantis desk 6/17/2022. If he doesn’t veto it it becomes law on 7/1/2022.

We are up to 4397 signatures so far. Let’s make it to 5000.

And call Governor DeSantis office. They just ask for your name and phone number. There is a 10-20 minute hold time.

They want to hear our stories and I don’t think you need to be a Florida resident. I told them about raising my son successfully from age 9 months who is now 25. They wrote it down.

Call Gov DeSantis: *** 488-7146*** Encourage him to sign bill and into law.

Or email DeSantis at


*Dissolution of Marriage; Revises various provisions relating to dissolution of marriage & alimony;* ***creates presumption that equal time-sharing is in best interests of minor child****; creates presumption for purposes of modifying parenting plan or time-sharing schedule; authorizes separate adjudication of issues in dissolution of marriage under certain circumstances; provides for temporary orders to protect parties & their children.*


* Permanent alimony is eliminated, leaving bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, and durational forms of alimony.
* Rehabilitative alimony is limited to 5 years.
* Durational alimony may not be awarded for a marriage of less than 3 years, is scaled based on duration of marriage, with an exception if the obligee is disabled or is a full-time caretaker of a totally disabled child of both spouses, and alimony awarded may not exceed the lesser of the obligee’s reasonable need or 35 percent of the difference between the parties’ net incomes.
* A presumption that both parties will have a lower standard of living after dissolution of the marriage.
* A prohibition against the award of alimony to a party whose net income exceeds the net income of the other party.
* A prohibition against requirements for an obligor to purchase life insurance to secure the award of alimony.
* Expansion of the concept of a supportive relationship to allow consideration of a supportive relationship when first setting alimony in the dissolution of marriage case. The criteria defining a supportive relationship at the time of dissolution is the same as for a later modification.


Media never takes men issues seriously untill it comes to women?

I think everyone who is on the sub or interested in men rights knows about the law which forces the men to pay his rapist, child support if the rape causes a child.

This is a case of man who was raped after his mother died and he was going through a rough patch. Not only he had to pay child support but also the custody went to the mother even when we don’t know whether the child will be safe with her or not.

This law is operating since several years without any discussion but now media immidieately got hostile and went bananas over the same cruelty when it happened with a women
Woman Who Was Allegedly Raped as Teen Loses Custody of Child to …

The court was pressured by the media and people and they had to temporarily reverse the decision. The thing which makes me really really angry is that the same literal cruelty was going on men for so many years but still media was completely silent and ignored this shit like it doesn’t matter but now they got empathetic when it happened with a women.

In this case the person had a reason for getting the custody but in the other cases the women had to give no reason to win custody of the child.

Note:- I hope this sparks debates in feminist communities as MRA’s are a bunch of powerless organisation with no spine or influence whatsoever. I hate how these PRiVeleged men have to bow down to feminism to make such obvious amendments and can’t do shit on their own


Here’s my input on abortion and roe v wade

I realize that overturning roe v wade just gives the power back to the states. Not outlawing abortion.

As a man, I recognize that women bear the weight of the pregnancy. We could impregnate someone and have no idea. Women however, will find out.

I do think women should have a choice, but have a cutoff after a certain point. If it’s only 10 weeks along, I don’t have a problem with that. If she looks like she’s stealing a basketball under her shirt, I do have a problem with that. That being said, she should have the knowledge and resources to not make it that far.

A good solution I think is to make abortions legal and safe as well as make paper abortions an option. Of course it wouldn’t be perfect. And example would be an online hookup who didn’t pull out. If she chose to keep the baby, he should be able to opt out.

However, if you’ve been committed for so long and he willingly has unprotected sex, he shouldn’t be able to “go out for cigarettes” when you’re 8 months along.

It’s not perfect, and I do realize there would be stories of men being screwed over by this. But it would also make it occur at a much lesser prevalence.

I don’t care what feminists say, women are the gatekeepers of sex. It’s infinitely easier for a woman to hook up, exceptions being you look like Channing Tatum.

Ultimately if women want full control of their bodies, they should take full control of the finances.

And yes, I do realize if paper abortions are allowed, there will be men busting in every woman in the neighborhood. Because they can. To the women, maybe make him wear a condom. Or properly vet the men before you let him inside you. That being said, I always get a chuckle when I see a woman with a man who has 3 kids he’s a deadbeat to. And they act surprised he’s a deadbeat to her.


Was Just Told that I was Mansplaining for Giving Requested Advice

I don’t know if I find this more annoying or funny. While trying to give my opinion of disagreement with someone in r/relationship_advice, I was told that I was mansplaining. Does it feel to anyone else like this has become a more common accusation lately? People don’t even use it correctly. It’s supposed to mean when a man either explains something to a woman that she would know better , or when a man explains something so dumbed down because he thinks women are stupid. It doesn’t just mean any time a man explains something to a woman. I wasn’t even explaining anything, just giving advice, but this was used to delegitimize my opinion. I’ve been told that I’m mansplaining a good number of times on Reddit, when I honestly don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve actually mansplained anything. It feels more and more like it’s being used as a way to dismiss men’s arguments for basically everything.


Does the reversal of Roe vs Wade actually serve the woke agenda?

In a time when millions have had men’s rights issues unfold before their eyes via the Depp case, and some very healthy discussions have begun across a very wide field, the whole sympathy vote is suddenly shoved back squarely onto the woke side of the court with this reversal.

So nobody’s talking about female perpetrated DV today — big win.

Politically valuable uproar and victim signalling and calls to righteous war — check.

I can’t help feeling this cynical. I really do think there is an element of woke culture quietly cheering this decision, because it will direct mass attention to the preferred woke dialogue parameters.


Gov. DeSantis Veto’s Alimony and Custody Reform in Florida.


This is the third time alimony and child custody legislation has failed to be signed by the Gov. in Florida. The people’s representatives in the State Legislature are voting for reform. The trial lawyers and feminists sunk it.

This is not the end. We must continue this battle because we live in a democracy and the will of the people will prevail.


Feminism and Men’s Rights are two sides of the same coin

Now here me out I’m not looking to fight but to simply see if anyone else agrees or if someone can explain where they see the differences between the two. I also am not that familiar with posting on Reddit so I apologize if I have does something incorrectly.

– Both group have serious issues with over generalizing
– Each group spends a large portion of time complaining about the other gender
– Each group seems to think that their progress needs to come from a defeat from the other

So much of what I see in this community is parallels to everything that is complained about with feminism. I’m just curious if anyone else here see’s these similarities and what people have to say about it.

This community calls to attention so many mens rights issues but is just as rich with hypocrisy as feminists appear to be. From my perspective the two have become one in the same so can someone explain to me what makes Mens Rights so different?


I’m scared, What do I do?

I’ve been raped as a guy, and sexually abused/harassed/received death threats/false accusations from my high school for the past 3 years. From students, staff, school admins, and a police officer laughed when I chose to report it recently.

I feel much better now that I’ve graduated, going to college, but how do I deal with this fear that strangers I meet could do the same, and what should I do in the future in this case? A girl I refused to have sex with in the past raped me then spread rumors that I raped her. I’m scared this could happen in college+, and wondering how people generally deal with this. I’m afraid the school and local authorities will unbiasedly favor women.

Do I need to constantly record everything, and try to get the media to my side, despite unconsented recordings being illegal? I’m honestly not confident that I can accurately tell if a girl would do this, because in the past, most of these girls have only been nice to me for sex, and I wasn’t aware until much later how mean they were to others.

TLDR: Yes, I’ve met many girls that use guys for sex, and when they don’t get it, spread false rape accusations. I’m genuinely worried about what I’m supposed to do if this occurs again in the future. Any suggestions? What about legislature ideas that could help with people in these situations?



Abortion is not the only form of Contraception!

I’m pro choice, but…

It’s quite interesting to note how it seem right now as if abortion was the one and only way of women maintaining autonomy over their bodies and now it has been taken away.

We as a society have perfected the science of female contraception. We have contraception methods that have a less than 0.1 percent rate of failure. If staggered the numbers are even better. its not like taking abortion away would suddenly result in a massive population of women becoming pregnant against their will.

But it is still a woman’s right. and it should not be taken away.

What’s interesting is that women are not willing to give up an inch of their rights, yet at the very least ignore the lack of rights for men, and sometimes blatantly appose them.


Terry Crews is an example of why this sub should exist.

the poor guy is not only a male victim of sexual assault, but was laughed by people who dont believe men can be raped. male victims deserve so much more support.

Me Too avoids discussing male victims, and too many women think that men can’t be raped , and it’s such a big dismissal that Law and Order SVU covered it and had a male rape victim go through hell to get justice. it was an old episode, but it was full of women dismissing the victim because ‘no penetration happened therefore no rape’

Terry Crews is a national treasure and he deserves everything. we luv you Terry