Proposal: all men after the age of 18 should carry a pocket recording device and record their goings on to prevent/strike back against False Accusers

I had a moment of insight that I wanted to run by the community:

As extreme a solution it may seem, what if all men ages 18+ carried pocket recorders and always recorded their goings on each day – even if innocuous. In the event a false accusation is ever made, they can provide the date and time recorded in full to prove their innocence.

Then they strike back hard with civil suits to punish false accusers.

It seems extreme on it’s surface, but it might be a useful temporary measure to evoke long-term change. Think of how far technology has come – you have recording devices no larger than a thumb drive that contain enough battery for 18 hours continuous use. You can buy 2 and even 4TB hard drives for long-term storage for only a few hundred bucks. It’s sad that we’re at this point, but if we reached critical mass early and enough false accusers were faced with real legal consequences once it was determined their accusations were illegitimate – do you think enough women would be “scared straight?”

As a personal illustration- during my divorce, my ex-wife falsely accused me of DV to have me ejected from the house. Common move, was a chump thing to do. No legal consequences. Was later dropped when she received assurances she’d get the house. During my first exchange with our kids, her mother made disparaging remarks about me in front of the kids and then attempted to have her daughter’s lawyer press charges for me supposedly having harassed her during the exchange. Little did she know – I had a recording device in my pocket during the entire thing. Provided that audio – boom, charges disappeared and I wasn’t falsely accused of anything during the rest of the divorce. 2 years later, I wear a bodycam at every exchange and interaction with her, and I’ve not had any problems like that happen again.

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Wow, was not expecting the quality of conversation that followed my initial posting. Thank you all. Here’s an updated idea: for those living alone: thoughts on security cameras in/outside the house? This is a personal-security issue after all, and at the very least provides a peace of mind reg. enthusiastic consent (if the cameras see y’all leaving together for the bedroom, or her leaving the house without issue – harder to make the case for assault, right?