the bashers try to bring up your participation in MR

Some lunatic in another forum brought up my participation here in which I was critical of feminism. The truth is that feminists have done plenty of unethical things that have earned that criticism. But some people in other forums think that feminism is exempt from any criticism somehow.

I was posting in a forum about a TV show. A post there about feminism or men’s rights would be off topic. But they made the post quoting me here as an attempt to discredit me elsewhere. The MR-bashers are out to use any underhanded tactic to discredit men’s rights, including repeating the lie that it’s about misogyny. I’ve rarely seen any MR person do anything misogynistic. I’ve seen MR people try to reduce men’s suicide. I’ve seen MR people try to be good fathers. I’ve seen MR men try to get better family court laws passed. None of that has anything to do with hating on women.

And it’s pretty lame to bring up discussions from other subs as a weapon.