The crime of ‘Femicide’ has passed through parliament. It is now a more serious crime to kill a woman than to kill a man.

Our present Socialist government is excellent at passing ‘liberal and progressive’ laws that make it popular. Even if they make no sense and will harm society.

At first the law said that this crime only applied if the perpetrator was a man but the opposition protested against this so that now it also applies if the perpetrator is a woman.

Because of this law – lawyers cannot now argue that the crime was one of passion. This is a legal argument that has been used in the past as it distinguishes between a murder that has been planned beforehand and a murder that is committed in a fit of rage or when the perpetrator is in a state of mental agitation. So if a man is killed it can be argued that it was a crime of passion, but not so if the victim was a woman.

Moreover femicide has become an aggravating factor in cases of murder. This means that if the victim is a woman the crime is seen as more serious and therefore the punishment has to be harsher. Men do not matter.

Edir: I thought that including a link to the Malta Independent would tell readers that I was writing about Malta and not the USA. In Malta like most of Europe we have 2 main parties – both are centre left, one more so than the other. For the sake of convenience I called it Socialist but please keep in mind that European socialists are probably not the same type of people as pictured by people in the USA when they say ‘socialist’.