Was falsely accused today

Im Ok got out of it ok calmed down now but here’s what happened was at this beach lake today sitting on a bench reading my book group a girls sits down on the one a few feet from mine ignored them but as I was laying on the sand trying to relax I noticed they kept staring and laughing.

I stood up and I can hear them say look at him look at him continued to ignore but it just kept getting worse and they wouldn’t stop they weren’t speaking directly to me but I could feel them continue to stare and hear them say he’s this and that and more laughing I refused to have my special day ruined by some bitches so I left.

On the way back to my car a park ranger and a state trooper confront me telling me the girls complained that I was creeping them out WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!???

I’ve never been so humiliated and embarrassed before GODDAMIT!!

I answered the only necessary questions who am I what am I doing here then shut up I was still told to leave or be arrested didn’t care wanted outta there anyway I was basically kicked out of the lake just for being alone and a man.