We do not live in a patriarchy , the West is a gynocentric society

Definition of gynocentrism

**1. **

■ . n. Dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Often practiced to the detriment of non-females.
■ . n. A dominant focus on women’s needs and wants relative to men’s needs and wants. This can happen in the context of academic research, institutional policies, cultural conventions, and in gendered relationships.

■ Gynocentric . Anything can be considered *gynocentric* when it is concerned exclusively with a female point of view.

**2. **

■ . geared to prioritizing women and their interests.
■ . A reference to *individual* gynocentric acts or events .

**3. **

■ . The biological theory that humans .

**4. **

■ . An exclusive focus on the , emotions or behavior of women.