What can I do?

I’m writing this today because I feel like everything is worthless. I am based in the UK, and I graduated university with a first, and I have a great portfolio, yet I cannot get anywhere in my chosen field. Meanwhile there are programs for other demographics which accelerates them forwards. Countless times I have seen Women from my uni on linkedin who have gotten the roles that I wanted, despite them not doing as well as I did? I worked with some of these people, and they were duller than dishwater. Is it all futile? For example, one of the main ways to get into the industry is through ‘screenskills’ trainee scheme. They boldly claim that 71% of their selected candidates were Women. Do they not know that there’s a 50/50 split?

I also had a tutor in university who told me that despite how well I did at that module, it will be very hard for me to get a job doing what I wanted, based solely on the colour of my skin, and the gender I was born with. Meanwhile I see constant streams of ‘patriarchy’, ‘men are shit’ etc. It’s no wonder that our gender has the highest suicide rate, because there are no avenues for young males anymore. Every company wants their inclusivity, but does real inclusivity mean that the entry jobs are filled with other demographics? I don’t think so. I believe inclusivity should go throughout the chain. All I want to do is get an entry role, after training for years.

Just a rant. The industry is media / tv.