What do you all think of this women on a University Anonymous Facebook Forum

So at my University there is a forum in which people can post anonymously called “hate letters”, usually there are anti men posts but not as detailed as this:

“Sometimes it really hurts to be a woman.
I am above-average attractiveness. I get a lot of attention from guys which I know is due to my looks. I’m living in a share-house, with a spare room which the landlord is leasing out. So I live with this guy, who I hate. I hate his guts because whenever he talks to me he constantly brings up sex and comments on my appearance. I have no interest and told him, please stop with the comments but he still makes them. Anyway, a new girl is moving into our house. When he saw her I could tell he was interested in her, since she is beautiful. It made me feel sad that this man, who I hate, was interested in a new girl. I guess the attention made me feel disgusted, but I was also reminded of all the times men have been interested in me, only to see someone new and better-looking. Even though attention from men when is it unwarranted is really scary and also disgusts me, at the same time I hate feeling like a second choice. Less new, less desirable, less wanted. Like I don’t really have a purpose anymore. I used to dislike and bring down other women when I was younger when I saw someone more attractive than myself and this also makes me feel guilty. Now I know that it is a mindset of certain men and I was seeing women through these men’s eyes. And I genuinely want to be friends with this girl who has moved into my house, because she is a great person and we have many similar interests. But I just can’t help feeling lost and hurt around people I deem better looking than myself. I think I have attached the memories of feeling used, replaceable and disposable to good-looking women I see in my life. It’s also really difficult when all you know is to be so obsessed with looks, to see myself as anything else to other people. I just feel so guilty, ugly and lost.
I hope men who look at women as objects can read this and think about their actions. It can be genuinely painful to be female.”

What does all think of this? I want to clarify that this person posted anonymously, so keep that in mind.