Women on r/PurplePillDebate smh

Got into it with some of them over there. I told them about the woman who was half my age that I ‘dated’ for 8 years after I was divorced and they said she was just a sugar baby. Yes, I have used that term before and yes I was paying for sex. But nothing else. When she went golfing with me or dinner, or road trips or something I didn’t pay her. We had common interests and we were friends who did all kinds of things together. I didn’t pay her for hanging out with me. The only thing I paid her for…and it wasn’t very much…was sex. She wasn’t a professional sugar baby or hooker. She was just a girl next door type looking to have fun and make some extra cash. She always had a full time job when I was seeing her too.

So the women over there started ganging up on me saying it wasn’t ‘dating’ or a ‘relationship’. And I said you guys don’t own the words ‘dating’ or ‘relationship’. There are people dating right now that don’t ‘love’ each other so you can’t say that love is a requirement. So you can’t judge my relationship with that woman.

No one responded after I said that. Crickets.

To make matters worse, they were downvoting me and that sub specifically says that no one is supposed to downvote anyone. I reported it to a mod and the mod said there’s no way for them to know WHO downvoted me. So it’s a useless rule.